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Publish Date: 1/28/2018
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you happy Sabbath a couple things before we start firstly brother Jeff stole some of my thunder I I highlighted some things in the bulletin this morning as he did that same paragraph if you want to read he read the last sentence I wanna read the first sentence quickly Christ was put to the closest test requiring the strength of all his faculties to resist the inclination when danger went in danger to use his power to deliver himself from peril and I want to talk about these inclinations that Christ had these that he had to resist these temptations so that's one thing and the other thing is brother Larry stole my thunder a little bit with this one as well so that's funny how that works brother Parminder will be here he gets here tomorrow and he will be here for through next week I can't remember what day and as we've said a couple times we're having class and he'll be there he'll do the morning class in the evening class the afternoon class and what I want everyone to think about is that if you have any questions if you have any doubts if you have any hesitations or reservations or something that's unclear now is your chance he's going to be there and he's going to clear any of these things up I'm going to attempt to try to do that as well this morning but every one by the end of the time that he leaves in this fellowship is without excuse after that point so let's not squander that opportunity let's try to be there and if you have questions ask okay so let's begin in our notes so I'm gonna try to do a summary of what we did over the last three months with brother Parminder which is kind of a tall order because there was a lot of things so things I'm gonna have to take for granted I won't be able to explain the intricacies of why it is the way that we were able to in class but I at least want to give this summary version of what was said and then and I'll be probably the first half in the last half we will talk about some of the problems that have arisen and some of the answers to those using this model of the nature of man and of the nature of Christ so let's begin in that first quote there and I'm gonna read probably the bold I might skip around a little bit within these paragraphs so because I have eight pages and it's gonna take me a bit to get there the nature of man is threefold and the training and joined by Solomon comprehends the comprehends the right development of the physical intellectual and moral powers so what we see here and this is kind of the pillar for the model that has been that has been brought to us is that the nature of man is threefold and as you see here I have the I'm I changed the intellectual just to the intellect you have the intellectual the moral and the physical and this represents what man is what you and I are and the first to at least on the board the intellectual and the moral are very easy to see that it's a non-physical thing your your mental capacity or your your mental ability and your moral compass those things are obviously non-physical ideas concepts but the part that we dealt with mostly in the in the classroom is this physical aspect and one of the first things that we saw one of the first stumbling blocks was that this physical entity that or this physical component was described as a non-physical thing and I want to show us how we got there at least in a in a a quick form so let's read the next quotation the crest collection 45 there is not one in a thousand married or unmarried who realized the importance of purity of habits in preserving cleanliness of the body and purity of thought jumping to the bulb it is the house in which we live that we need to preserve that it may do honor to God who has redeemed us we need to know how to preserve the living machinery so what we see from this quote is that the body our physical body is the house in which we live now if we live in the house or we the house no the house is different than the person who lives there and the house or the man this person that's in the body here the man you have the man inside of the body man and they'll sit body this man is within the body and they're two separate things so when we read the the nature of man that the nature of man the nature of this person here who's inside the body is physical mental sorry physical intellectual and moral that physical aspect can't be your physical body and maybe that might be hard to hard to hear I think it's something we've said a lot but it's representing something else a non-physical aspect because think about the logic of that you can't live inside yourself that there's a paradox there so if you are a 3-fold entity made up of these three components and you live inside of a body then there's a distinction that needs to be made there and we're gonna see it again in this next quote where she's identifying what she means by physical so let's go to this next one and this is this is probably the the crux of all the the controversy this next quotation and we'll deal with it we'll deal with it now and we'll deal with it again later so I'm not going to touch on all the aspects in this one moment adventist home 127 the lower passions have their seat in the body and work through it so first thing right off the bat what we see is that you have lower passions and you have the body and these lower passions are going to sit inside the body they're going to be inside the body and they're going to work through it it's going to be the the medium of their expression thank you okay continuing on the words flesh fleshly are carnal lust embrace the lower corrupt nature so now she's going to quote the Bible and she's going to say when you're reading flesh fleshly or carnal lust and she's quoting from Paul she's saying this embraces the lower corrupt nature now what she just identified was the lower corrupt nature are the lower passions and they are different than the body so when Paul is talking about the flesh he's not talking about your physical body he's talking about the lower corrupt nature talking about something different continuing on the flesh of itself cannot act contrary to the will of God this is the part we'll deal with later we are commanded to crucify the flesh with the affections and lust how shall we do it shall we inflict pain on the body No why aren't we going to inflict pain upon the body because the body isn't the problem your lower passions are the problem and this is what she says she answers her own question but put to death the temptation to sin the corrupt thought is to be expelled every thought is to be brought into captivity to Jesus Christ all animal propensities are to be subjected to the higher powers of the soul now what I want us to see here is that she's going to say that the lower or she just did say that the lower passions are interchangeable with these animal propensities so I want to see that connection she does a repeat and large there she says it in the beginning and then she repeats it at the end okay and we also begin to see we also see the first Inklings here of this conflict there's a conflict between these lower passions and the higher powers and we'll logo will continue with that thought momentarily the love of God must reign supreme Christ must occupy an undivided throne our bodies are to be regarded as his purchased possession the members of the body are to become the instruments of righteousness okay so what she defines if you bring all of her little definitions in there of what the lower passions are or the animal propensity she says it's the affections it's the lusts it's the feelings it's the thoughts this aspect of you is what is defined as the lower passions and you can see that pretty clearly in the quote and there's a distinction between these lower passions and something else that is described as the higher powers Amen okay in one one controversy that we see a lot in in the nature of man is this connection between the body and the lower passions and from my understanding from my research and I know from my interactions with Parminder the lower passions are very much connected to the body themselves and there's the in some ways they're interchangeable and the best example I can use for this and it's maybe some of us has heard this before but imagine you have a you have a tube a flexible tube and you fill that tube with some sort of jelly so you have the jelly and you have the tube the tube is your body and for just this illustration the jelly is the lower nature as your lower passions as you bend the tube the lower passions will also bend with or the jelly will also Bend with the tube so they are directly influencing one another that's really connected but there's a distinction and you have to make that distinction you have to see the distinction okay so this next quotation is me cheating and what I mean by cheating is I want it initially when I when I when I put this presentation together to go through the logic of why we say all the different components of why the intellect is the understanding and knowledge the conscience and the will and so on and so forth but I'm just gonna cheat and I'm gonna use this quote where she she shows all of them in one paragraph and she talks about them so that's why I have this quarter in here just so we can get that basic understanding this is child guidance 454 and I'll start in the second sentence he alone by the power of his grace can redeem you from ruin he alone can bring their moral mental moral and mental powers into a state of health your heart may be warm with the love of God your understanding clear and mature your conscience illuminated quick and pure your will upright and sanctified subjected to the control of the Spirit of God you can make yourself what you choose and then something we're gonna see throughout this day is you are what you choose to be if you will not face sorry if you will if you will not there now sorry if you will now face right about cease to do evil and learn to do well then you will be happy indeed you will be successful in the battles of life and rise to glory and honor in the better life than this choose you this day whom you will serve who are we going to serve because it's your choice are you served next page so let's look at this battle between the higher powers and the lower powers so just to to summarize that quote we read that you have the intellect and under this component you have the understanding knowledge synonymous with the mind or with the brain then you have the moral which is your conscience and your will both are both are leading you in the direction in a moral direction and then finally you have the physical and you don't see much about it and that one quote though she calls it the heart but what we saw in the adventist home 1:27 is its the affections the lust desires feelings thoughts all those things are described as the physical or lower passions okay so here's what I want us to see and I'm going to do this right now there's a distinction between these two between the the two of these and the three and these are the higher power these are your ruling members and these are your lower powers now I'm going to use I'm going to use lower powers and lower passions interchangeably and I'm going to forget which one I'm using and I'm gonna just I'm gonna throw it around I'm gonna kick those two around they're the same things so please don't be confused about that okay so this next quote I'm gonna skip the first paragraph though this whole thing is this whole paragraph is really good second paragraph from education 57 but such a character is not the result so she tells you we need great men and she says how do we get that character but such a character is not the result of accident it is not due to special favors or endowments of providence a noble character is the result of self-discipline of the subjection of the lower to the higher nature the surrender of self for the service of love to God and man so when we there's a there's a repeating enlarge there she says a noble character is the result of self-discipline the subjection of the lower to the higher nature and then she says the surrender of self for the service of God so what she's saying there is if you're going to have your higher power if you're going to have your higher power in the in the ascendancy over your lower nature or your lower passions you're going to sorry I lost my quote where I was you're going to you're going to be illustrating the surrender of self because self is this the the self as we understand it is this this these lower passions so when you're surrendering self what you're actually doing is you're putting your higher powers over in the ruling position over your lower powers amen okay so let's continue next quote Child Guidance 446 some acknowledge the evil of sinful indulgences yet will excuse themselves by saying that they cannot overcome their passions or their lower passions this is a terrible admission for any person to make who names Christ let everyone that name it the name of Christ depart from iniquity why is this weakness it is because the animal propensities have been strengthened by exercise and as we saw before in a previous quote advence home 127 she uses animal propensities interchangeably with these this lower corrupt nature nature or lower passions okay so I just want to see the connection between the two quotes there have been the animal propensities have been strengthened by exercise until they have gained the ascendancy over the higher powers so your lusts your affections your feelings your thoughts are I've gained the ascendancy over your conscience over your will your understanding in your knowledge and that is the position when you're in that position you're an unconverted person continuing on men and women lack principle they are dying spiritually because they have so long pampered their natural appetites this is another definition here we can add to that lower passions natural appetites that their power of self-government seems gone the lower passions of their nature have taken the reins so they're in the in Senden see for this person that which should be the governing power has become the servant of corrupt passions the soul is held in lowest bondage sensuality has quenched the desire for holiness and withered spiritual prosperity now let's talk about this governing power the will is the governing power in the nature of man bringing all of the other faculties under its sway the will is not the taste or the inclination but it is the deciding power which works in the children of men unto obedience to God or unto disobedience so your will is directly connected with whether or not you will be in heaven either you're going to be obedient or you're going to be disobedient depending on your use of the will amen and it's important to see here she says the will is not the taste or the inclination this is a nice quote because would it show what it does is it separates the will from the lower passions you know it's for other other kind of conversations that we might have about that okay I'm gonna skip this next quote I'm gonna read it in a minute I put it in the wrong place by accident so if you go down to the bottom what can you control what you can control you cannot control your impulses your emotions as you may desire but you can control the will and you can make an entire change in your life I can't change what I what I think what I feel what I desire what my affections are those are what they are but what I can control is whether or not I listen to those things whether or not I'm going to let those things be of my ruin or of my success by yielding up your will to Christ your life will be hid with Christ in God and allied to the power which is above all principalities and powers your you will have strength from God that will hold you fast to his strength and a new light it says light I think it's life a new light or life even the light of living faith will be possible to you but your will must cooperate with God's will now this is something we'll we're gonna keep talking about but when people read cooperate with God's will I think a lot of people say you surrender your will to God and He will take your will this is my will and he will do with it as he pleases but that's not what co-operate means to cooperate with someone means that you and I are in agreement and I'm going to do what you say or you're gonna do what I say by mutual respect in appreciation that's what has to take place in this relationship between God and man you have to cooperate you're not going to be ruled by God and he he he respects you he respects you enough to give you a will continuing on okay we'll skip the bottom of that okay next next one messages young people 153 again this is talking about the will talk faith keep on God's side of the line set not your foot on the enemy's side and the Lord will be your helper okay so I want to just mention that for one moment now well we're gonna come to this a little bit more clearly when we get down to this portion here but what Eve did what was Eve's first problem that she ran into what is her first fault she's separated from Adam now in this illustration think of Adam as Christ keep on we need to keep with Adam to keep on Christ side because once she's separated because that was the commandment to her and once she separated that's when she was on a disadvantaged ground to herself she was on enchanted ground as sister white calls it and she was on Satan's ground because if Adam was right there with her there would never have been sin that entered entered the world like it has because of her fall and separating from him so there's a lesson in that in that continual submission continual connection to God is the strength or the safeguard from temptation from falling into these these problems okay skipping the next pair skipping the rest of that paragraph you need to drink daily at the fountain of truth that you may understand the understand the secret of pleasure and joy in the Lord but you must remember that your will is the spring of all your actions this will that form so important factor in the character of man was at the fall given into the control of Satan and he has ever since been working in man to will and to do of his good pleasure but to the ruin and the misery of man people read this quote or quotes like this and say look the will was given to Satan it's Satan's ownership but that's not what it's saying what it's saying is that man through his own choice Adam and Eve made the choice where they said here's my will I'm gonna I'm going to be in cooperation with Satan now I'm going to yield myself to my lower passions and and be on his side now it's not that Satan has control over them he's not a puppet master next quotation now that is yeah next quotation let's just read it this is mine character and personality vol 2 691 okay the Spirit of God does not propose to do our part either in the Willing or doing I think that seems pretty self-explanatory to me is that it's entirely my choice the Spirit of God has and maybe this is maybe I'm saying this too firmly has nothing to do with my decision to do right or to do wrong he's not going to do that what I mean nothing to do with it what I mean is he's not going to do that decision for me he's not going to make me will and he's not going to make me do what he is going to do is he's going to cooperate with my choice and that's what she's about to say here in a moment this is the work of the human agent in cool operating with the divine agencies as soon as we inclined our will to harmonize with God with God's will the grace of Christ stands to cooperate with the human agent it doesn't say that the other way around it doesn't say that God has inclined his will to you and that once he has inclined his will to you then you'll be able to will and to do for him what it says is the human agent first has to make the decision to be on God's side and once that decision in action has been made then the Lord will cooperate with your with your choice the grace of Christ stands to cooperate with the huge human agent but it will not be the substitute to do our work independent of our resolving and decidedly acting not only is it your action but it's your it's your you have to resolve it you have to make up your mind to do that thing therefore it is not the abundance of light and evidence piled upon evidence that will convert the soul it is only the human agent accepting the light arousing the energies of the will realizing and acknowledging that which he knows is righteousness and truth and thus cooperating with the heavenly administration's appointed to God and the saving of souls I really like the second part of that quotation because what she says if you wanted to summarize it she says it's not about how much you know it's not about I know all these truths I know all these prophetic lines it's about what did you do with those prophetic lines what did you do with that truth because if you only had you know think about think about all the people in the Bible they the first people the first in Moses didn't have the whole Bible he didn't have the writings of Paul he didn't have the writings of John you know he didn't have any of those things or Isaiah or all these different people he had what he had and that was enough to save him and we have what we have today and it's enough to save us but in the exact same way that it saved Moses and that it depends upon how you incorporate that knowledge into your life or not and again it all comes down to choice it's always your choice okay so I want to go back to the previous page and I want to read that quote called cooperation god calls upon all who will will to come and drink of the waters of life the waters of life freely the power of God is the one element of efficiency in the grand work of obtaining the victory over the world the flesh and the devil it is it is the in abundance in accordance re with the divine plan that we follow every ray of light given of God man can accomplish nothing without God and God has arranged his plan so as to accomplish not nothing in the restoration of man of human sorry in the restoration of the human race without the cooperation of the human with the divine the part man is required to sustain is immeasurably small yet in the plan of God it is just that part that is needed to make the work of a success a success so what she's saying there's you can't be saved without your choice to be saved but your choice to be saved is so small in the grand scheme of your salvation but you have to do it what immeasurably small amen but without that immeasurably small you know grain of sand and the whole sea of things you can't be saved that's how important a correct understanding of the will is because without it you cannot be saved no matter what you know or what you think you know and as brother Toby was sharing with us it's the combination of humanity and divinity it's the cooperation between the two elements next okay so here we have some quotes or sorry here we have some Bible verses I'm on page three examples of the will I'm not going to read either of these I think we're familiar with these Exodus 14 verse 6 the Red Sea the part the Red Sea specifically Moses was told to hold up his rod and when he held up his rod the waters were separated and the Israelites were able to pass over or pass through the Red Sea now my question so I'm gonna I'll say that one and also reference the other one Joshua 3:13 the Jordan River and I think sister Andrew Leah last week dealt with this that Joshua 3:13 says that the moment that the Israelites put their foot in the water the waters would part and they would be able to pass through so let's talk about those two things the holding up of the rod in the putting the putting the foot in the water did God lift Moses his hand did God take the foot of the Israelites and place it into the water no he said this is what you have to do put your foot in the water and raise your hand with the rod and I will do the rest from there if Moses hadn't raised the rod or if the Israelites of the priests didn't put their foot in the water with the ark the waters would not have separated in that great work that God wanted to accomplish for them would not have happened because they were going to do something all Moses had to do was go like this and all the all the priests had to do was put their foot in the water immeasurably small in comparison to holding water suspended in thin air however that happens immeasurably small but without it it would not have happened and God didn't do it for them they did it for themselves based upon faith in God's Word that said I command you to do something and every command is a promise that you can do it I have put within you the Faculty of the will and the will this deciding governing power is the thing that I need you to use to choose me okay let's go to the next quotation now all that being said remember it's immeasurably small what is the what is the great work that the Lord has just as as said he wants to do for us manuscript releases vol 12 127 none but he who created man can effect a change in the human heart every teachers to realize that he must move must be moved by divine agencies the mind and judgment must be submitted to the Holy Spirit through the sanctification of the truth we may bear a decided testimony for righteousness righteousness before both believers and unbelievers so my question is or my statement is rather this immeasurably small work is for me to choose God is for me to say Lord I'm choosing to do the right thing based upon what you have told me to do but what God said is what God does that immensely unmeasurable work that he's going to do that separating of the water or the parting of the water is he's going to change your heart which is an impossible thing for you and I to do it doesn't matter what I do it doesn't matter what I say if I choose all the right things salvation is still not guaranteed to me if I keep the law and its holiness and it's in its and its in its completeness that doesn't mean I'm going to be saved because there's something that still has to be done I may be doing the correct thing but there's one more work that has to be done the immeasurable work and the immeasurable work is the changing of your heart so let's go to and this is where we see psalms 51:10 creating me a new heart our clean heart excuse me and renewing me a right spirit a right spirit within me so let's go to Ezekiel 36 quickly ezekiel 36 and we can find out and this would be this could be a whole nother study on itself but we're going to find out when this new heart is given to god's people ezekiel 36 and we'll start in verse 22 this is this section is one of the most beautiful promises for god's people their force and to the house of israel let's see if the lord god I do not I do not this for your sakes o house of Israel but for mine mine holy namesake which ye have profaned among the heathen whether you want or whether you went so I excuse me and I will sanctify my name my great name which was profaned among the heathen which ye have profaned in the midst of them and the heathen shall know that I am the Lord saith the Lord God when I shall be sanctified in you before their eyes for I will take you from among the heathen and gather you out of the countries and will bring you into your own land so they're gonna come out of something they're gonna come out of all these heathen nations then will I sprinkle clean water upon you and you shall be clean from all your filthiness and from all your idols will I cleanse you a new heart also will I give you and a new spirit will I put within you and I will take away the stony heart out of your flesh and I will give you a heart of flesh now my question for you is when does this take place based upon the text 911 this is where he's going to sprinkle clean water upon us with the sprinkling of the latter rain so from that point forward he has gathered us among the heathen nations and now he's going to sprinkle clean water on us and give us this new heart so from 9/11 God's people were promised a new heart if they should choose again based upon their choice and this is also where he says in verse 27 and I will put my spirit within you and cause you to walk in my statutes and you shall keep my judgments and do them and you shall dwell in the land that I give to your fathers and you shall be my people and I will be your God now this is a much bigger topic obviously but I want us to see there that the new heart biblically is promised to us when the sprinkling of water is taking place and the sprinkling of water took place or began on 9/11 and that's when the new heart that's when justification was promised to each and every one of us amen all right next quotation this is Christ triumphant 28and musta got lazy with that one I never used Christ Jennifer okay when Adam and Eve were placed in the Garden of Eden they were innocent innocent and sinless in perfect harmony with God em nnedi had not enmity had not had no natural existence in their hearts but when they transgressed their nature was no longer sinless something changed in them after they committed that sin they became evil for they had placed themselves on the side of the fallen foe again notice they had placed themselves Satan didn't round them up and pull them to his side he induced them through temptations and flattery and they chose to be on Saint inside just as we choose to either be on God or Satan son okay had there been no intervention on the part of God had there been what interference on the part of God fallen humans would have formed a form alliance with Satan against heaven but when the words were spoken and brother Daniel alluded to this this morning I will put enmity between thee and the woman and between thy seed and her seed it shall bruise thy head and thou shalt bruise his heel Satan knew that although he had succeeded in making human beings sin although he had led them to believe his lie into question God although he had succeeded in depriving human nature deprave in human nature some arrangement had been made whereby the beans who had fallen who had fallen would be placed on vantage ground their nature renewed in godliness and we can stop there what I want us to see here is the instrument by which God would renew the nature of his people is through the everlasting gospel genesis 3:15 the same message from then to now this everlasting gospel message this three-step prophetic message is the instrument by which God will use to renew and to change our hearts and our natures because what was gay to Satan at the fall was these lower passions this is the part that was corrupted at this point this is what Satan had control of now or that was given the control was given him by Adam and Eve and my question about my next question is is this when it says their nature renewed in godliness and I'm assuming this is speaking for Adam and Eve as well they're in the moment when those words were spoken to them and they accepted that and we know that sister what said that right after this they accepted that truth and they repented and they were made they were brought into unity with God no here's my question was that real godliness or was it if was it a half godliness or a covering of godliness was it real godliness as that is the Prophet saying that they were their nature was renewed in real godliness I believe so do we really receive that righteousness at 9/11 do we really win this everlasting Gospels promised to us and we accept it and were justified do we receive true righteousness or a legal covering of our natures that is just going to be covered and the Lord is just going to see Christ as he as we're still have these evil wicked wickedness within us no this is real righteousness it's real godliness that is promised to each and every one of us okay now here is the here's the crux here's the the bottom line this next passage this is from steps to Christ now steps to Christ is amazing because it Delanie it's the steps to Christ and it comes to a point after this person this hypothetical person this Christian and steps to Christ has surrendered they've repented they've done all these things where she says how do we know if they're a true disciple of God and this is the answer this chapter and if I remember correctly this is chapter 7 okay and it's called the test of discipleship 2nd Corinthians 5:17 If any man be in Christ he is a new creature old things are passed away behold all things are become new now I'm gonna skip this long first paragraph and she's saying you may not know when you were converted you you know as as was Nicodemus the wind blows and you're not sure how it works but you know it's there you can feel it you can see it but or you can see the effects of it rather but she says you still converted nonetheless so let's go to the next paragraph small a little bit smaller it is true that there may be an outward correction of deportment without the renewing power of Christ now this is where everyone is hanging our brother Parminder they say that he's saying all you have to do is have this outward correction of deportment and it doesn't matter what your life is or what your heart is you're saved that's not what he's saying what what's being said what our problem the problem that I have seen with this conversation is that everyone makes him stop there and they don't let him finish his sentence they cut him off mid-sentence or you know the hypothetical sentence because what he would tell you next is what sister white is about to tell you it's not enough to have an outward correction of your deportment I can do the right thing it does still not enough what you need to have is that renewed heart that's the only thing that matters because everyone can do right the heroin addict can overcome heroin without without any intervention by God the the drug addict alcoholic the the you know whatever you want to say whatever sin no matter how grave or wicked it is can be overcome and you can stop doing it by your own will but what you cannot do what you cannot do and this is brother Parminder point is you cannot change your heart you cannot change your affections for that sin though you may choose not to do it so let's read this next quotation or let me finish sorry of that paragraph without the renewing it is true that there may be an outward correction of deportment without the renewing power of Christ the love of influence and the desire for the steam of others may produce a well-ordered life self-respect may lead us to avoid the appearance of evil is selfish heart may perform generous by what means then shall we determine whose side we are on how can I judge myself whom has the heart with whom are the thought are our thoughts of whom do we love to converse who has our warmest affections and our best energies if we are on Christ if we are Christ our thoughts are with him our sweetest thoughts are of him all we have and all we have and are is consecrated to him we long to bear his image breathe his spirit do his will please him in all things and you can continue reading that and I think we're all familiar with this with these passages if I'm gonna skip this next paragraph I'll go to the one that says there's no evidence there's no evidence of genuine repentance unless it works Reformation if he restore the pledge give again that he has robbed confess his sins and love God and his fellow men the sinner may be sure that he has passed from death unto life when it went as erring sinful beings we come to Christ and become partakers of his pardoning grace love springs up in the heart love is the test every burden is every burden is light for the yoke that Christ imposes is easy duty it's not easy because it's easy to give up all these things it's easy because God takes away your desires for those things you still have to do the same thing but what he does is he changes your heart towards those burdens and it becomes light and easy because of what he does in you duty becomes a delight and sacrifice a pleasure the path that before seemed shrouded in darkness becomes bright with beams from the Sun of righteousness the loveliness of the character of Christ will be seen in his followers it was his delight to do hid the will of God love to God zeal for his glory was the controlling power and our saviours life love beautified and in knowable all his actions love is ennoble all his actions love is of God the unconsecrated heart cannot originate or produce it I can't do it how much I will to do it I can't originate or produce love it is found only in the heart where Jesus reigns we love because He first loved us in the heart renewed by divine grace love is the principle of action it modifies the character governs the impulses controls the passions subdues mm natee and in nobles the affections to summarize all of that you know you're converted when love conquers your lower passions that's when converted that's what conversion is conversion is the subjection of the lower powers to the reigning of Christ continuing on there's something else I want to say in there sorry let me go back there love is the principle of actions okay I forgot to mention this one thing that was said in this last trimester and again this was another thing that many many stumbled over was when brother Parminder wrote on the board and he said do the wrong thing for the wrong reason do the right thing for the wrong reason and do the right thing for the right reason and and brother Parmenter was saying look guys we're not even to the second one yet where we do the right thing for the wrong reason we don't even do the right thing for a selfish heart and he's saying let's get there first you know let's let's just do the right thing first but again people stopped in mid-sentence because what he would have finished to say and what he did say was that still not good enough you have to do the right thing for the right reason but everyone wanted to stop him right here where he said do the right thing for the wrong reason and say look brother Parmenter saying we'll worship doesn't matter what your heart is and that's where everyone stopped but they took him out of context once again because what he was what he said or what he meant to say and what nobody heard apparently was that you have to do the right thing for the right reason but no matter which way you look at it you have to do the right thing you have to do this side and my hypothetical line here you have to do this side and literally pointing out nothing you have to do this side where where you have to you have to will and you have to choose to do right in both of these illustrations I should literally just write it you have to right right wrong it's a no right right right many heard people part many many heard Parmenter correctly brother permanently Amen I'm not saying everyone didn't you have to do the right thing regardless of whether it's for the right reason or for the wrong these wrong reason this is your work but what God is going to do is he's going to make it so you do it for the right reason next quotation but notice here that obedience is not a mere outward compliance but the service of love the law of God is an expression of his very nature it is the embodiment of the great principle of love and hence is the foundation of his government in heaven and earth if our hearts are renewed in the likeness of God if the divine love is implanted in the soul we will we will not the law of God be carried out in the life when the principle of love is implanted in the heart when man is renewed after the image of him that created him the New Covenant promise is fulfilled I will put my laws in into their hearts and in their minds will I write them Hebrews 10 16 and if the law is written in the heart will it not shape the life obedience not just obedience she doesn't stop there and says it's just obedience she says obedience the servants service and allegiance of love is the true sign of discipleship this is conversion right thing for the right reason but the only way to get there is the correct use of the will and okay so let's continue now I want to give the opposite of that I want to look at the Christian I want to look at this person the right thing for the wrong reason let's look at his life for a minute let's look at this person next quotation Christians should be the most cheerful and happy people that live they may have the consciousness that God is their father in their everlasting friend but many professed Christians do not correctly represent the Christian religion they appear glooming as if under a cloud they often speak of the great sacrifices they have made to become Christians they appeal to those who have not accepted Christ representing by by their own example and conversation that they must give up everything which would make life pleasant and joyful they throw a pall of darkness over the Blessed blessed Christian hope the impression is given that God's requirements are a burden even to the willing soul and that everything that that would give pleasure or that would delight the taste must be sacrificed then she says this we do not hesitate to say that this class of professed Christian have not the genuine article this is not Christianity God is love whosoever dwelleth in God dwelleth in love so I'm just going to stop with that quotation but what she's saying there and I hope what we can see between the two contrasting paragraphs is that love is the true test of discipleship and just because you do the right thing doesn't mean you're going to have it you have to have the correct heart because everyone can do the right thing it's easy for us to you know maybe for some it's more easy than others but it's it's easy to do the right thing but when your heart has changed that's the thing that that you have no control over okay so now we're going to switch gears pretty heavily so that was the first half and there two thirds and what I want to do for the rest of this is I want to use the model that I that we've just talked about that we've just Illustrated and I want to go through and I want to answer some questions some conundrums I guess and I'm not going to answer them in the depth that I would like to obviously because of my time but I just want to address them at least slightly so my question there's a paper or papers going around that suggest that to have lower passions to have to have your lower passions to have affections and desires and feelings and thoughts is sin just because they're present and my question is and we'll end the question I want to answer is is that sin is that actually sin to have those things so let's look at our first verse first john 3:4 and this is probably familiar ground we've talked about whosoever committeth sin transgresseth transgresseth also the law for sin is the transgression of the law spirit of prophecy vol 4 3:16 our only definition of sin is that given in the Word of God it is that it is the transgression of the law so the question is we know sin is the transgression of law obviously very easy to see now let's go down to a Dennis home 127 the lower passions have their seat in the body and work through it the words flesh or fleshly or carnal lust embrace the lower corrupt nature now here's the here's the the point the flesh of itself which she defines as the lower passions the flesh of itself cannot act contrary to the will of God so let's bring those two passages together and she just tell it she's told us that sin is the transgression of the law and to transgress God's law is obviously to go against his will Amen that's a clear connection the flesh or the lower passions cannot of itself act contrary to the will of God so if we reason that out the flesh of itself cannot be sin it cannot break the law of God because it's missing something that's missing a component and I want to prove this with this next paragraph character mind character and personality vol 2 432 we should preserve the strictest chastity and thought inward in deportment let us remember that God sets our secret sins in the light of his countenance there are thoughts and feelings suggested in aroused by Satan that annoying even the best of men there are thoughts and feelings there are lower passions that annoy even the best of men and I would say they even annoy Christ even Christ had to contend with the lower passions to overcome them or not overcome them and we'll see that shortly but if here's here's the the but if they are not cherished if they are repulsed as hateful the soul is not contaminated with guilt and no others defile by their influence oh that we each might become a savior of life unto life to those around us so take all of those passages together the flesh of itself the lower passions of itself cannot break the law of God and be sin without the interjection the intervention of the will of the will power in this example are in this model and if you choose if that thought comes into your head if that thought is present and everyone's had terrible thoughts that just pop into their head or they have whatever the thing may be the thought or the feeling whether it's to doubt God or to whatever it is everyone has had the thoughts and feelings that sister white is talking about and what she says is if you don't cherish that if you choose even in your mind if you make choice without an outward display there's no outward display in my thoughts and feelings I can stand here and have this thought and it says do wickedness and I say in my mind I make again my choice out outside of my outward display because that's a lot of people want to make sin want to make this distinction between outward and inward but in my mind when I make this choice and I say thought I'm not dwelling on you I'm putting you away I've made the choice again the exercise of the will to expel this thought and there is no defilement there's no guilt there isn't there isn't a little bit of guilt and the Lord covers it there's no guilt at all there's no guilt and so the lower passions cannot be sinned by the very definition and I I tried to do that in the simplest least amount of quotations or exactly you know explanation as possible that was the smallest way I could get that down the most simple definition okay so let's look at this next one Deuteronomy 30 13 let's go there quickly 19 sorry 30 1930 19 earth to record this day against you and against each and every one of us that I have set before you life and death blessing and cursing therefore choose life that both thou and thy seed may live life and death are set before you and it is your choice to choose life or death okay that's just one I wanted to read that's a really nice example of this as well okay now we're gonna switch gears again so we just don't we just answered the question is are the lower passions sin and slash what is the definition of sin so the next thing we're gonna look at is the nature of Christ now most of this at least for a while is from desire of Ages 117 and 119 I put some subheadings in here for myself just to break it up a little bit I have a short amount of time so I'm going to skip around so but I'm gonna have to take time for some of this okay so in the middle of the on the middle right side of this first quote it says for 4,000 years one two three four five lines down for 4,000 years the race had been decreasing in physical strength and mental power and in moral worth in Christ took upon him the infirmities of degraded of degenerate humanity reading the bulletin last sentence saying seyton showed his knowledge of the weak points of human of the human heart and put forth his utmost power to take advantage of the weakness of the humanity which christ had assumed in order to overcome his temptations on man's account so again we see there that's two witnesses that Christ was being tempted by these things and that he had human nature in all of its humanity yes I can say it that way next quotation many claim that is impossible for Christ to be overthrown by temptation no overcome by temptation many I would say that this is inserted into our conversation today but in a much more subtle form and in a way that nobody would openly say that but I think it's there that's my interpretation of it all then he could not have been placed in Adams position he could not have gained the victory that Adam failed to gain if he if we have in any sense a more trying conflict than had Christ then he would not be able to succor us but our Savior took humanity with all its liabilities he took the nature of man with the possibility of yielding to temptation we have nothing to bear which he had not endured okay with Christ as would the holy Perrin Eden appetite was the ground of the first great temptation so what was Christ tempted on appetite now one thing that is inserting itself into this conversation about what Christ was tempted on was and it's true it's but as is the way it's a half-truth he was indeed tempted to use his divine power Amen I don't deny that and that's one of the arguments but what people do is they take that and they say that's it he was just tempted to use his divine nature he was tempted on his divinity but that's not what this all these quotations I'm going to read say that's not what the desire of Ages said it says he was tempted on appetite and appetite isn't a divine characteristic appetite is a lower passion it's a feeling it's a thought okay appetite was the ground of the first great temptation just where the ruin began the work of our redemption must begin as by the indulgence of appetite Adam fell so by the denial of appetite the overcoming of the lower passions Christ must overcome and when he had fasted forty days for forty days and forty nights he was afterward and hungered and will come back to this hungered momentarily and when the tempter came to him he said if thou be the Son of God command that these stones be made bread but he answered and said it is written man shall not live by bread alone but by every word that proceedeth out of the mouth of God okay next quotation and we'll come back to that thought about the hunger momentarily so I'm going to read just some of the main the main the bullet points around the bold points so if if that's where I'll be jumping around - for our sake Christ exercised a self-control stronger than hunger or death so he was confused he was resisting something and in this case it was hunger and the possibility of death but he exercised self-control even Christ had to exercise self-control and in this vague first victory were involved other issues that enter into all our conflicts with the powers of darkness jump in the next bulb his human nature shrank from the conflict that awaited him that's an important thing we need to see here as well I'm not going to talk too much about it okay next quotation this is something I never do you're never supposed to underline in bold but it's very important that we see this and I need to emphasize just a ridiculous amount this point the Savior was faint from hunger he was craving for food when singing had came suddenly upon him pointing to the stones which strewed which stood the desert and which had the appearance of loaves the tempter said if thou be the Son of God command that these stones be made bread yea it was a temptation of his divinity but Christ in that moment had to overcome his stomach and that moment his test was am i it almost I don't want to read into inspiration but it's really interesting that she says it this way she says in which which had the appearance of loaves there's almost like a hallucination sort of aspect to this to this this struggle with Christ he had just been 40 days 40 nights without food and in the way she makes it sound as he's looking around and these loaves look like these stones look like loaves of bread just all over the desert it's it's just an interesting thing but his test was the stomach and his divinity because he could have used his divinity to - he could have used his divinity to fulfill the needs of his lower passions but he chose not to that though next quotation though he appeared don't read that yeah though he appeared as an angel of light these words betrayed his character if thou be the Son of God there is the insinuation of distrust should Jesus do what Satan suggests it would be an acceptance of doubt Chris had to struggle with doubt he had to resist doubt the tempter the tempter plans to overthrow Christ by the same means that were so successful with the human race in the beginning okay so what I want us to see here and what I want to the next the very bottom quotation says the same thing disbelief Christ he tried to make Christ disbelieve this testimony if Christ's confidence and God could be shaken so that's something he was also struggling with with distrust and hunger both of these things but what I want us to see here and this my understanding I maybe I'm wrong but from my understanding you can't be tempted without thought you can't be maybe may I hope I hope we understand what I'm saying you can't be tempted into the thought of temptation coming to your mind it's not completely external you see you know just looking at a loaf of bread Christ was struggling with a thought in his mind and the thought said am I going to make this bread or make this stone a loaf of bread or not am I going to fulfill the desires of my lower passion he had those thoughts how they happened I don't know but my point is you can't be tempted without the thought of temptation being present in the idea that's being pushed now is that the thought of temptation is in itself sin but it's not it's not sin because Christ himself had to deal with it and as we read in the quote earlier if you expel that thought and you overcome that thought there's no guilt okay so let's continue next page last page last pages in page eight okay now these next couple paragraphs are really interesting they talk about the nature of Christ and I'll kind of just read them not the whole thing I'm just going to read kind of the bolts cuz I'm over time he left the glories of heaven and clothed his divinity with humanity and subjected himself to sorrow and shame and reproach abuse denial and crucifixion though he had all the strengths of the passions of humanity what does that mean that Christ had the passions of humanity never did he yield to the temptation to do that which he which was not pure in elevating and ennobling Christ had the strength of he had all the strengths of the passions of human humanity so we need to think about what does that mean what does that mean next quotation so the context of this quote I don't wanna read the whole thing the context of this quo is that but I'll read the bold when we get there is that sister White's talking about unruly children or parents with unruly children's or on children so then she says this they the children may be wayward so these are these are disobedient children and possess passions like those of humanity but this should not deter us from bringing them to Christ now here's the point he blessed children that were possessed of passions like himself like his own so Christ had these passions whatever these passions are however you wanted to find them these passions are present we'll skip we'll skip the next quotation do I want to skip that no I'll read it Adam was tempted by the enemy and he fell was not the it was not indwelling sin which caused him to yield for God made him pure and upright in his own image he was a as faultless as the angels before the throne there were in him no principles no tendencies to evil so so here's here's a here's a question not a question here's a question mark maybe no that's not the right way of saying it either people will take this quote this quote and other quotes like it there's another quote that's like this I thought this was a different one where it says Christ had no evil propensities or no tendency in this one it's no tendencies to evil but you can't contradict the spirit of prophecy we're beard of prophecy says Christ had the strength of the passion of humanity he also had the passions that these wayward children possessed but she says he had no evil propensity he and he had no tendencies to evil so what I would suggest this is my suggestion to this answer to this conundrum is that what she's identifying when she says tendency to evil or sinful propensities that Christ did not have what he didn't have was the point where he ever yielded to the lower passions he never tasted of that yielding to the lower passions but he always overcame them he always overcame those those lower passions let's just say it that way so what I think she's saying here in these kind of quotations is that Christ never yielded but he had the the lower passions present because that's what she said in the previous paragraphs and we can't use the spirit of prophecy to deny this weird prophecy because what people are doing is they're taking that quotation in quotations like it to say that Christ had no lower passions he had none of none of those things so next quotation this is a nice one SDA bible commentary volume 5 11:30 when Jesus took human nature and became in fashion as a man he possessed all the human organism his necessities were the necessities of a man he had Bottomly one to be supplied bodily weariness to be relieved by a prayer to the Father he was braced to duty for duty and for trial Christ had a stomach he hungered and he was tempted to take that hunger especially in the forty days and to do something wrong with it but he chose not to he never yielded to his lower passions so that's just a nice one now this is the last one I'm gonna read this last quotation and then I'm just going to talk about this for one moment I know I'm almost 10 minutes over but I just want to make these last two or three points now this is my quote this is my question to everyone and and you really need to think about it because she's gonna say in a certain she's gonna say it Christ did not make believe take human nature let's think about that for a little bit he didn't make believe take human nature he did verily take it he he did in reality possess human nature so we can't use this beer to prophesy we can't use a clever interpretation of the Bible to suppose that Christ took a make-believe human nature because that's exactly what's being done right now Christ did not have a make-believe nature human nature it was fully human so I want us to see that and we won't read the rest of that but I want to conclude with this thought because I forgot to interject it when I was there because this is another point of stumbly and I guess so here's Adam before the fall in Adam he has his higher powers and his lower powers and notice his higher powers are in the ascendancy and the Holy Spirit is present with him so let's say this is Eve let's let's use Eve even at it you can interchangeable I guess but let's use Eve for this example what is what did we say Eve's first problem was she separated from Adam so in that moment she took herself out of the presence of the Holy Spirit she's now done she's now gone against and she's by herself she's on Satan's vantage ground and the tempter comes and says he says all the things he says and flatters her and what and what was her temptation it was appetite it was Appetit that's what we read in that quotation before desire of Ages 1:17 it says let's just read it just so we can have it there if anyone sees it before I do okay the bottom of page six with Christ is with the holy parent Eden appetite was the ground of the first great temptation the temptation was appetite but how could a demented Adam and Eve be tempted of appetite when they're perfect these are perfect people these are people who possess no sinful nature they possess nothing that is defiling within them but yet these people were able to sin what happened there well we know what happened they were tested on appetite but what was the what was the test the test was are you going to let your lower passions determine your next action and the action there was to partake of this fruit so the temptation was this lower passion temptation now that's important for a lot of different things especially when we go to heaven the idea is that there can never be there can never be sinning it again just because God says so and because it's impossible but that's not true the truth of the matter is is that you can sin throughout eternity but you won't because you choose not to just like Eve could have chosen to say no lower passions I know that you're present but I'm going to choose not to listen to that temptation what happened to saying the same exact thing that happened to Adam and Eve these are sinless beings that were tested by their lower passions saying somehow tempted himself even and they yielded to their lower passions they had the option not to but they did and these were sinless beings so when Adam and Eve when Adam and Eve fell now they're here they're lower passions are in the ascendancy and if you can't read it this says no Holy Spirit the Holy Spirit's not present they're unconverted and their lower passions are in the ascendancy bad person this is this is a bad person then as we read genesis 3:15 comes and what we read says that with this prophecy this how did it say it let me go to it anyone know what page that time I forgot where it was bottom of page three I just found it okay okay being placed on vantage-ground their nature renewed in godliness in the whole context of it the whole context of it is that this em did theirs em nity between God or between the the serpent seed and between the Serpent and the woman so this genesis 3:15 comes and now they are restored in their nature is fixed which means was it fixed - it's going to be fixed - anything to ask question it's fixed back to this point and what I mean by this point is I mean the higher power and the lower power are in the correct positions one is on top of the other yes there's bodily corruption that's going to take place from this point forward there's that consequence but as we saw what Christ what Christ came to show you and I is that the body has no bearing on this the body has no bearing on whether you sinned or not because Adam could have done it here you could have done the right thing here when he was perfect or here and he didn't but Christ did it did what Adam couldn't do with 4,000 years of degraded body with all the infirmities with all the genetic whatever you know problems he was able to do that exact same thing or he was able to do what Adam couldn't do in his in his and his perfection so the body has no bearing on this at all so we're really only looking here so my question or what I want us to see is that this is the body that Adam or that Christ took he took a correct higher power and lower power which is the same as before the fall but his body was now degraded and if I could do it I'll do it in red this body Plus 4,000 years but what Christ took was a correct higher and lower power nature and the only thing to change the only thing that changed in this dynamic is I'm gonna insert my own idea here and my own idea is that but I think it's sustainable that this time period from before the fall to genesis 3:15 are really at from after the fall to genesis 3:15 was a very short period of time I don't think years went by probably even days I probably I would assume from my human you know hopefully sanctified logic well was immediate this was they did this thing and then right after it happened so the only change that took place in Adam Adam didn't have the touch of decay on him yet Adam Adam didn't go he had no decay on him yet nothing had happened yet in his flesh the only thing that took place the only changes that are taking place from before the fall after the fall to conversion is the change of the higher power and the lower power being in the correct order and we have to see that and that's for other arguments but I just want it to be seen that the only thing changing here is the higher and lower powers being in the correct order and I just threw the what and the Holy Spirit and the Holy Spirit's president Amon so I want to read just that one sentence again at the end because I think it summarizes this point clearly Christ did not make believe take human nature he did not he did barely take it he did in reality possess human nature so again I end with this admonition firstly forgive me for going over but secondly for the Parminder is going to be in town tomorrow let's ask those questions that that we haven't asked before because again this may be your last chance at self a taining the answer that you would not have gotten otherwise and if you don't get that answer if you don't fix that doubt if you don't fix that problem you may be lost and it's a it's a small thing to humble yourself in to ask say I don't understand or I might be wrong than it is to lose salvation so let's let's pray dear Heavenly Father Lord we thank you so much for this Sabbath day we thank you for these tests that you have brought us we thank you for your guidance and your blessing in this day Lord we ask that you would help each and every one of us to understand the correct use of our will we pray that you would also show us Lord that we can do we cannot be saved Lord without your intervention we need you to change our hearts Lord we may be able to do the right thing but we pray that you would help us to love service for you we pray that you would guide us and that you would sanctify each and every one of us and that you would be with us Lord those who are here those who are not here and we just ask that as these conflicts become fiercer and fiercer that you would instill in us your blessing in the mind of Christ Lord that we all may be one we asked for unity here Lord in this small body of believers but also in this movement we pray that you would help us to be led by you we thank you and we ask for your forgiveness for any problems that we may have caused or any anything we may have done Lord we just pray that you would be with us as a as a body of believers in Jesus name Amen you